Bye Bye Holland, Hello England!

12th May 2007

This weekend is my last weekend in Holland. I will be in France on Wednesday night 16th May until Sunday 20th May visiting Paris, the Provence region (Marseille & Cassis) and also the Côte d’Azur region (Nice & Monaco). The next day which will be Monday 21st May I will be flying to England, London Heathrow to work and holiday.

My time is up in Holland since I have been here for 3 months. To stay longer I will need to get a residence permit but it takes about 6 months which is not possible at this stage. Therefore I had to use my backup plan which is to head to the UK with my UK Visa. I can stay here for a maximum of 2 years on this working/holiday visa so there is still time to see all the countries in Europe. You can see the checklist by click on the ‘Countries I’ve visited’ link or you can click here.

I have really enjoyed my stay in Holland and I think it is a nice place to settle down. It’s very multicultural, quite safe, everyone can speak English as a second language and it’s a very good base to travel from if you want to explore Europe. I’ve had my fair share of croquettes, meatballs and also tasted a haring. I will definitely miss the awesome public transport and only hope that my new home has the same sort of services.

I have met some fantastic people during my stay especially at work and only hope to continue the friendship even though I’m going to leave. As usual it’s not a farewell forever and only time will tell when we will hopefully meet again somewhere around the world or perhaps back in Holland. I tend not too be too attached to people because goodbyes are always hard but nevertheless it will still be a bit sad when I eventually leave on Wednesday.

As I continue to pack my things, I am now aware that I shouldn’t buy too many things as luggage can be a problem when flying and moving around. When an item is purchased, its more like a temporary object, it doesn’t really have a home so I can’t really buy a TV or that Nintendo Wii because it simply can’t be brought around. Hence this is why I didn’t want presents at the farewell party. Unfortunately I’m going to have to give away a few things but that’s just how it is. These items will find a new home and it is better for it to find a home rather than me not even using it!

Let’s forget about the croquettes and haring; let’s bring on the fish n chips, the Sunday roast and the English breakfast. Forget about the NS train network and HTM tram lines; let’s bring forth the tube network and those red double Decker buses. Let’s forget about the Dutch language and bring on those English accents and be immersed in the English language once again. Bring on the Poms and the Barmy Army. I’m really looking forward to this move to the United Kingdom. Time to pack my things and move once again!

See you all in London!


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TJMay 22nd, 2007 at 10:59 pm

It’s good to see u pippin holland out of the zone as of now. And now its time for the freaky-accent English men and the silent women. Do meet the queens guards and get some pics..try talking to them. If they aint moving…try the OI OI OI!Go for it lad…

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