Eastern Europe Itinerary

For the entire long weekend i’ve been planning this trip around Eastern Europe. It’s in less than two weeks so there isn’t much time to plan everything to the finest detail. For some parts of the trip, i will just be winging it i.e. real backpacking, booking a place to sleep when i get there. Hail a cab to get me across borders and negotiate a price. Spending alot of time of buses and trains, not so much planes.

I’ve estimated that i will need about 5-6 weeks to complete this trip. I know where i want to go but now i need to make sure i get the dates right and possibly book a few places to sleep.┬áThe plan is to visit about 13-16 countries if all goes well.

I’ll probably need to keep editing this itinerary as nothing is really concrete yet. Only the flights to Vienna have been booked. Any suggestions where i should go in that area, write it in the comments.

So here goes:

London (UK) – Vienna (Austria)
Vienna (Austria) – Salzburg (Austria)
Salzburg (Austria) – Innsbruck (Austria)
Innsbruck (Austria) – St Anton (Austria)
St Anton (Austria) – Bregenz (Austria)
Bregenz (Austria) – Vaduz (Liechenstein)
Vaduz (Liechenstein) – Zurich (Switzerland)
Zurich (Switzerland) – Lucerne (Switzerland)
Lucerne (Switzerland) – Jungraujoch (Switzerland)
Jungraujoch (Switzerland) – Geneva (Switzerland)
Geneva (Switzerland) – Venice Mestre (Italy)
Venice Mestre (Italy) – Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Ljubljana (Slovenia) – Bled (Slovenia)
Bled (Slovenia) – Bohinj (Slovenia)
Bohinj (Slovenia) – Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Ljubljana (Slovenia) – Zagreb (Croatia)
Zagreb (Croatia) – Plitvice NP (Croatia)
Plitnice NP (Croatia) – Split (Croatia)
Split (Croatia) – Sarajevo (Bosnia)
Sarajevo (Bosnia) – Mostar (Bosnia)
Mostar (Bosnia) – Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Dubrovnik (Croatia) – Mljet (Croatia)
Dubrovnik (Croatia) – Hercy Novi (Montenegro)
Hercy Novi (Montenegro) – Kotor (Montenegro)
Kotor (Montenegro) – Budva (Montenegro)
Budva (Montenegro) – Ujcinj (Montenegro)
Ujcinj (Montenegro) – Shkodar (Albania)
Shkodar (Albania) – Tirana (Albania)
Tirana (Albania) – Pogradec (Albania)
Pogradec (Albania) – Ohrid (Macedonia)
Ohrid (Macedonia) – Bitola (Macedonia)
Bitola (Macedonia) – Florina (Greece)
Florina (Greece) – Thessaloniki (Greece)
Thessaloniki (Greece) – Athens (Greece)
Athens (Greece) – Zakynthos (Greece)
Zakynthos (Greece) – Athens (Greece)
Athens (Greece) – Mykonos (Greece)
Mykonos (Greece) – Santorini (Greece)
Santorini (Greece) – Samos (Greece)
Samos (Greece) – Imzir (Turkey)
Imzir (Turkey) – Istanbul (Turkey)
Istanbul (Turkey) – Sofia (Bulgaria)
Sofia (Bulgaria) – London (UK)


Sofia (Bulgaria) – Rome (Italy)
Rome (Italy) – Vatican City
Vatican City – Pisa (Italy)
Pisa (Italy) – Valetta (Malta)
Valetta (Malta) – Pisa (Italy)
Pisa (Italy) – Rimini (Italy)
Rimini (Italy) – San Marino (San Marino)
San Marino (San Marino) – Milan (Italy)
Milan (Italy) – London (UK)


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